An update for our community: Bridge will be pausing operations indefinitely. You can read more about it here.

Applications for Cohort 10 of the Front-End Development program are now closed.

what-is-bridge-for-frontend-developmentWhat is Bridge for Front-End Development?

Bridge is a free 11-week program that teaches advanced front-end development — you can think of us as a masterclass for becoming an in-demand developer.

We have currently paused all regular programming in-person and online classes and are sharing the curriculum in the spirit of open source learning and collaboration. We would love to see women, agender and non-binary folks use these resources to continue to level up your technical skills and get that next great job because of it

is-bridge-for-frontend-software-development-right-for-youIs Bridge for Front-End Software Development Right for You?

The Bridge for Software Development Cohort is for women, agender, and non-binary developers who are looking to skill-up so that they can take on more challenging projects, get a new position at their dream company, and generally have more opportunity to do the work they most want to do.

Bridge students come from all sorts of backgrounds. You might be working as a junior developer, doing development on the side, or doing a job in tech that just doesn't quite match up with what you really want to be doing. Maybe you're getting back into the world of programming and want to learn modern best practices, or you're a bootcamp grad that's looking to go from their first job in tech to a great job in tech. If this sounds like you, Bridge might be a good fit!

what-will-you-learnWhat Will You Learn?

  • Modern JavaScript (ES2016+)
  • React
  • Redux
  • Functional Programming
  • Practical Test Driven Development
  • Git Flow
  • Agile Product Development
  • Technical Interview Skills
  • Leadership Skills

frontend-resourcesFront-End Resources

While we have currently paused on running programs ourselves, both in-person and online we wanted to share as much of the curriculum as we can as well as some other learning resources. Here you will find both an open source version of the Front-End curriculum as well as other JavaScript related learning resources that we have found useful.

You may wish to use some or all of the additional resources to brush up your JavaScript skills before working through the curriculum content.

Additional resources

Going into the Bridge program I was not sure what to expect. I thought I would be advancing my front-end web development skills, which I thoroughly did, but little did I know that I would have the opportunities to focus on back-end technologies as well. It has really opened my eyes to what I can accomplish in this field and has given me the motivation to do much more than I thought I could! The support and community that Bridge has created is truly incomparable. In every sense possible, Bridge has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Bonnie Pham, Bridge Cohort 5

Modern web development is a vast landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see (or the mind can imagine). While there are an infinite number of resources to "level up" your skills on the internet, it becomes overwhelming to try and dissect the material and figure out where to start. Bridge not only helped to filter and distill relevant information in a fun and focused way, but it also introduced me to what a truly inclusive and safe environment to learn and work looks like. I can't give enough praise to the Bridge crew for helping me move on with my career! Rock on!

Rebecca Song, Bridge Cohort 4

I had been learning front-end development on my own for a year and a half before Bridge, and while I'd been making steady but slow progress, Bridge was the ultimate accelerator of my career change. It was a feverish period of intensive technical learning and job hunt preparation that propelled me onto an interview-ready level, and within months from graduation I was working in the industry. It's called Bridge, but it was more like a Rocket, so prepare for take off!

Marta Kule, Bridge Cohort 3

Being selected as part of Bridge Cohort 2 was affirmation that I was on the right career path. I met like-minded women with whom I forged strong bonds. The entire Bridge team was incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout the program. They saw the potential in me that I was unable to see in myself. My participation in and completion of the program has been one of the greatest achievements of my web development career. I now have renewed confidence in my talent and skills as a web developer.

Simone Holder, Bridge Cohort 2

I loved every minute of Bridge (and miss it)! It was a huge treat to learn from such knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic industry pros. Thanks to the Bridge program organizers for helping to level us 13 women up in tech!

Melanie Burger, Bridge Cohort 1

I learned more in the program than I did in school! The instructor was very patient and it was very hands on. I would 100% do it all again in the future.

Chanelle Francis, Bridge Cohort 0