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what-is-bridgeWhat is Bridge?

Bridge is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization that brings together people who believe that we can and should remove barriers preventing members of marginalized groups from participating fully and equally in the technology industry. We do this by skilling up and supporting women, agender, and non-binary professionals via free 11-week software development and product design programs. In small classes, and through hands-on project-based work, we improve developer’s and designer’s skills and greatly increase their confidence.

You can find out more about our proven impact in our latest Outcomes Report here.

Our students go on to use what they learn in our programs within months of graduating. They work at top-tier, growing companies in Toronto and beyond.

our-programs-bridge-for-software-developmentOur Programs: Bridge for Software Development

Over 1000 people have applied to Bridge since the beginning of 2017 alone. Students are carefully selected based on two key factors: hireability and existing technical skill. Our application process generates consistent results: hardworking, skilled people who are passionate about professional growth and interested in new opportunities. Find out more about the program here.

Our classes cover:

  • Modern JavaScript (ES2016+)
  • Functional programming
  • React and Redux
  • Git, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery
  • Writing valuable unit tests
  • Interview skills
  • Agile product development and teamwork
Interviewing two to five people a week for the last two years has exposed me to a lot of different candidates. Bridge candidates stand out for their "rubber hits the road" attitude to development, along with rich experiences they often bring from other industries. Bridge graduates also tend to level up at a higher rate than our average developers. Finally, and to me personally one of my favourite things about Bridge graduates, is that their work ethic tends to be exceptionally strong.

Michael Bennett, Group Technical Director at Rangle.io

our-programs-bridge-for-product-designOur Programs: Bridge for Product Design

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Our classes cover:

  • Discovery & Facilitation
  • User Research
  • Empathy & Ethics
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Ideation & Prototyping
  • Feedback & Critique
  • Usability Testing
  • Selling & Pitching

key-benefits-of-sponsoring-bridgeKey Benefits of Sponsoring Bridge

We know there are many excellent initiatives you can put your company's funds towards to further diversity and inclusion. There's also many online sourcing tools, external recruiters, and other methods of finding talent out there.

But what if you could improve your own company's gender diversity, hire a talented and hardworking developer, and contribute to making the tech community more inclusive overall? Sponsoring Bridge is a cost-effective solution to all of these needs. We make it so that you don't have to decide between ROI and the right thing to do.

Contact us today to learn more.

lets-change-the-industry-togetherLet’s Change the Industry Together

Our industry has had a diversity problem for decades. We can’t fix it overnight, but if we work together, we’ve proven that we can make meaningful, impactful change in only 11 weeks. If you’d like to be a part of the future of diversity and inclusion in our industry, contact us today for next steps.

It's easy to donate to Bridge in one simple step. Use the donation form below, and contribute to keeping our free cohorts and other programs running.