Education Manager

Location: Toronto

Duration: Full-time 1 year contract (possibility of extension)

Role Description

This role is what keeps Bridge running! Our Education Manager works directly with our CEO and CTO, and will oversee all Cohort planning, management, day to day running of said Cohorts, and will work with our team to improve our services. It's a fun and rewarding combination of event planning and management, volunteer management, and project management.

In general this role will be responsible for:

  • Oversight of all of our Cohort volunteers and students: Cohort Instructors, Mentors, Lead Mentor, students, Student Feedback Lead, working with sponsors, CEO, and CTO daily to ensure our volunteers and students have the best possible experience from start to finish of a Cohort
  • Gather student and volunteer feedback during and after each Cohort to help improve future Cohorts, report to Bridge leadership on findings and recommendations for critical improvements
  • Work with CTO to make small improvements to content and organization of the Software Development program as a whole, based on student and volunteer feedback

Largely, this role is about keeping tabs on ~30 volunteers over an 11 week period to ensure the high-quality of our education services is delivered to our students without issue, and all of our volunteers have a great time doing it! Lots of followups, keeping tabs, assessing risk in advance, planning, organizing, and managing any concerns or issues that arise, following Bridge's values.

Initally the focus will be on our Software Development programs and project management improvements, and will then grow to have our Education Manager responsible for all of our Cohorts (~6/year) and workshop series (~4 one day events per year).

A great candidate for this role will enjoy things like:

  • running high energy on-boarding and kickoff meetings for students and volunteers
  • being the "organized one in the room", helping all volunteers and students keep on track while ensuring they take on their key responsibilities
  • listening to students and volunteers and helping them resolve issues that arise, being proud of not stopping until an issue is fixed for those involved
  • engaging in short and long-term planning, from the littlest details to the plan for the whole year, you enjoy the challenge of keeping the whole project in mind at all times
  • helping women, agender, and non-binary professionals in the tech industry level up their careers!
  • being a contributing member to a supportive community and safe space where people can bring their whole selves
  • shouting out our successes on social media and engaging with our community on and offline
  • being the one to "never forget" the next task, and seeing several weeks down the road so the team is always ready for what needs to be done next
  • taking pride in seeing the problem before it arises, managing task dependencies efficiently so things run smoothly and professionally

Typical tools you'd need to become comfortable with:

  • Notion
  • Slack
  • Google drive (generally for spreadsheets and presentation decks)
  • Gmail
  • Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook Pages for occasional social media posts
  • Basic photo and graphic editing using Adobe CC, Sketch, or similar tools is ideal but not necessary

Our ideal candidate will have worked with a technical team in the near past (for example a Scrum Master, Technical Project or Program Manager, a Product Manager, Designer, QA, or Developer), but we're excited to see applications from anyone who is willing to learn technical terms quickly, and we'll help! Being able to code or design is not a requirement for this position.