Applications are now closed for Bridge for Developers at Tulip.

Is Bridge for Software Development Right for You?

We started the Bridge for Software Development course to provide free education to developers who are women, agender, and non-binary so that they can level up their career from the junior level, take on more challenging projects, and have better opportunities, flexibility, and choice in their day to day work life. If you are a junior developer, a self-taught dev working your first job, or getting back into the world of programming and want to learn modern best practices from expert developers, Bridge could be for you.

In addition to our technical content, we’ll level up your confidence with interview practice, teach you the ropes of Agile product development, and give you a chance to take a project to production so that you can confidently pursue your next challenge in software development and accelerate your career.

simone holder, student

Being selected as part of Bridge Cohort 2 was affirmation that I was on the right career path. I met like-minded women with whom I forged strong bonds. The entire Bridge team was incredibly supportive and encouraging throughout the program. They saw the potential in me that I was unable to see in myself. My participation in and completion of the program has been one of the greatest achievements of my web development career. I now have renewed confidence in my talent and skills as a web developer.

- Simone Holder, student in Bridge Cohort Two

melanie burger, student

"I loved every minute of Bridge (and miss it)! It was a huge treat to learn from such knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic industry pros. Thanks to the Bridge program organizers for helping to level us 13 women up in tech!"

- Melanie Burger, student in Bridge Cohort One (now a developer at

"I learned more in the program than I did in school! The instructor was very patient and it was very hands on. I would 100% do it all again in the future."

- Chanelle Francis, Bridge Cohort 0